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About Quest for Excellence

In successful businesses the owners and leaders have a compelling vision for the company; they communicate this at every opportunity to reinforce the culture and the vision.  That way everyone can see very clearly how they are contributing to the company objectives.  This sounds easy, but as many business leaders know, it is not.

This is where Quest for Excellence can help you.

Issues, challenges or problems come up every day and they must be faced to achieve the vision.  The good news is that the same types of issues come up – even in different business sectors.  With over 40 years’ experience of managing and resolving issues, often at Board and Senior level,  Quest for Excellence has experienced and overcome most of them.

We help businesses to establish and embed a crystal-clear vision for the business that is shared by everyone in the company.  We ensure that you have the right people in the right jobs.  We support business leaders in identifying and then monitoring key business data to ensure that they are running the business and not vice versa.

Through our Discovery audit we will help you to identify whether you have got the right people in the right jobs?  Pretty much everyone comes to work wanting to do a great job, but sometimes if you are in the wrong role or the wrong environment this is not possible.  Staff become demotivated which holds both them and the company back.

Successful leaders surround themselves with great people.   Recruiting, training and supporting these high achievers can be hard work, but the rewards of a creative, proactive ambition team are great business results.

Your leaders will learn how to identify and resolve issues before they become problems, thus reducing firefighting.  They will communicate with every employee demonstrating high levels of trust and accountability – in short, they will create a Culture of Success.



Following a series of Disney Master Class seminars across the UK and encouraged by Disney Institute, Quest for Excellence UK Ltd. was founded in 2009 by Martin Lee, with an agreement to work directly with Disney Institute.

Since then, QfE has worked with the Timpson Group to develop a series of seminars for their entire leadership team. Since then, we have delivered seminars on how to apply those tools and techniques in the UK business environment for the senior leaders of organisations in a wide range of sectors. These include: Bentley Motors, Chester Zoo, Grant Thornton, L’Oreal, National Trust, Metro Bank, M&S Bank, NHS Scotland, Royal Botanic Gardens Edinburgh, Rugby League World Cup 2013, Q Hotels and numerous SMEs. Through these seminars we demonstrate how Disney’s approach to business excellence can be applied in any organisation to deliver outstanding customer service, leadership excellence and lasting change.

Quest for Excellence has a team of specialists who are on-hand, as required.