Alan Howard Group

Quest for Excellence were invited by the Board of Alan Howard to assist with a culture change programme to improve their customer service levels across the company.  In 2013 Alan Howard had a turnover in excess of £25M, staff of over 280 and 25 separate locations so this was a very large programme over six years from 2013 to the end of 2019.

In 2019, at the end of our Quest for Business Excellence programme, Alan Howard’s turnover was over £41M, there were 370 staff at 28 locations including a new £5M superstore in Stockport and a new operation in Belfast.  Quest for Excellence had helped Alan Howard to achieve Investors in People accreditation; introduced an employee reward and recognition system, trained every member of staff in outstanding customer services all of which contributed to a significant increase in company profitability.


Impossible Mission



Martin Lee was recognised at the Alan Howard Conference in December 2019 by Jonathan and Anton Littler (Joint Managing Directors of Alan Howard) for having ‘Completed the Impossible Mission’





At the start of our programme with Alan Howard we carried out our ‘Discovery’, ‘Development’ and then ‘Implementation’ process.

‘Discovery’ comprised one to one interviews with the senior leadership team.  Through the structured discussions we were able to ‘discover’ in detail the key issues which impacted on the team as individuals and on the team as a whole as well as determining how they had arisen.   We discussed relationships within the management team and identified issues, behaviours or beliefs which were holding back the development of a truly collaborative culture – one in which mutual help and support are the norm and where everyone understands both their role and their purpose.

Using the findings from this process, we developed and delivered bespoke seminars on leadership, collaborative working and customer service excellence.  As part of Implementation we also provided coaching sessions for several members of the senior leadership team.  This was continued throughout the programme.


Client Testimonial

“Quest for Excellence have been proactively leading our Board development since 2013 showing outstanding commitment, great passion with a really fun and innovative approach.

The Alan Howard Board asked QfE to embed customer service excellence in our business starting at Board level. As a family-led Board, we have really benefited from Martin’s depth of experience and expertise as well as from his patience and understanding of the challenges we face.

Martin and his colleagues have done everything we have asked of them and lots more too!  Coaching and mentoring Board Directors; skills development for senior managers and providing bespoke customer service excellence seminars.  Our teams have been inspired to deliver outstanding customer service.

We’ve achieved our strategy of significantly increasing our market share; the company is growing rapidly and we definitely have Martin to thank for this”

Anton Littler – Managing Director - Finance