Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh

Quest for Excellence were invited by the Director of Horticulture and Learning to deliver a leadership and senior management project in support of a culture change programme within his department of 150 people.

Over the course of 12 months we carried out a three-phase programme; ‘Discovery’, ‘Development’ and then ‘Implementation’.

‘Discovery’ comprised one to one interviews with the senior leadership team.  Through the structured discussions we were able to ‘discover’ in detail the key issues which impacted on the team as individuals and on the team as a whole as well as determining how they had arisen.   We discussed relationships within the management team and identified issues, behaviours or beliefs which were holding back the development of a truly collaborative culture – one in which mutual help and support are the norm and where everyone understands both their role and their purpose.

Using the findings from this process, we developed and delivered three bespoke seminars on leadership, collaborative working and team excellence.  As part of Implementation we also provided coaching sessions for several members of the leadership team.  At the end of the programme Quest for Excellence provided a written report detailing where and how the group could continue their development to focus on achieving truly collaborative working.


Client Testimonial

Martin and Quest for Excellence has supported the critical analysis and exploration of the fundamentals of achieving a 'world class' customer service. He utilises his multi-faceted industry expertise, not least with the renowned Disney Institute, to enable staff to see things through 'new eyes'. He coaches and actively challenges teams to identify what the customer really sees and how to improve and develop; systems, processes, orientation, team working and personal skills for matching customer expectations and driving up measurable business success.

Kevin Reid
Director of Horticulture and Learning, Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh