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Which services do you need to improve? Here are some ways that we can help you in your quest for excellence!


Employee Excellence
Customer Service Excellence
Excellent Business Results

A committed, responsible, inspiring leader...

will develop his/her team through a culture of success...

enabling all team members to provide excellent customer service...

thus creating great customer loyalty which leads to great financial results.

A committed, responsible, inspiring leader...

will develop his/her team through a culture of success...

enabling all team members to provide excellent customer service...

thus creating great customer loyalty which leads to great results.


Quest for Excellence is your window into outstanding customer service, based on our experience working across the UK experience; we also share tips, tools and techniques which Disney use to train their leaders.

The Quest for Excellence approach has been developed over many years by QfE using tools, techniques and materials which are widely used by Disney in their very effective collaborative culture. Quest for Excellence incorporates Disney’s inspirational approaches in all our business transformation solutions; we will use this model throughout the Quest for Business Excellence Programme.  QfE has had a working relationship with the world-renowned Disney Institute since 2008.

We use a three-phase approach which ensures that we fully understand the needs of our clients and then exceeds their expectations to deliver lasting, sustainable change.

Quest for Excellence has adapted these tools and techniques to the exceed the expectations of organisations as diverse as Ness Botanic Gardens; Chester Zoo; National Trust; L’Oreal; Timpsons; Metro Bank, M&S Money and the Rugby League World Cup.

Through our unique relationship with the Disney Institute, QfE brings the ‘magic of Disney’ to life to enable change and business improvement in your organisation. The ‘Disney way’ provides a compelling, world-class approach to business growth.  We use our wealth of experience and expertise to demonstrate the practical application of the Disney messages.

Disney’s enviable reputation for outstanding customer service, inspirational leadership and amazing brand loyalty is the outcome of unswerving focus on building a culture that touches every stakeholder – customers, suppliers and staff. QfE helps you to understand how this can be most effectively applied in your organisation.

Your return on this investment is across the board improvement. You will see real improvement in your business processes, your work environment and the delivery of your customer service.  You’ll sense it in yourself and in your employees who are inspired to strive for excellence. Above all, you’ll see it in increased productivity and a renewed sense of purpose and potential across your whole organisation.

The Quest for Business Excellence has three distinct phases: ‘Discovery’, ‘Development’ and then ‘Implementation’.


‘Discovery’ is a thorough analysis of your business looking at leadership, employee and customer relationships, using a structured interview with questions developed by Quest for Excellence over more than 10 years.

The prompts we use are open-ended, thought-provoking and sometimes challenging.  Through the structured discussions we are able to ‘discover’ in detail the key issues which impact on the team as individuals and on the team as a whole as well as determining how they have arisen. We talk about relationships within the management team and identify what issues, behaviours or beliefs are holding back the development of a truly collaborative culture – one in which mutual help and support are the norm and where everyone understands both their role and their purpose.

We have found that these sessions are often the first opportunity for some people to really be open and honest about their work life and as such they are often very cathartic.  Where appropriate, we offer coaching tips to immediately amend behaviours and personal tools to improve the situation – this has proven highly beneficial in a significant number of cases with other clients.

Phase 2 ‘Development’

In addition to providing coaching and mentoring as required, Quest for Excellence will develop a series of bespoke, fully interactive seminars covering areas such as:-

Leadership Excellence

  • Understanding the leadership excellence model
  • Getting the most out of your team (in a collaborative culture)
  • Engaging with your team most effectively
  • Communication with your team and others
  • Leadership feedback

Collaborative Leadership

  • Building a collaborative culture
  • Training for consistent quality
  • Team-working and how to create win-win outcomes
  • Being principle-centred – doing what’s right and not what’s expedient
  • Dealing with motivation and conflict

Outstanding Customer Service

  • The cycle of service
  • Knowing your customers
  • Developing your service standard
  • Exceeding customer expectations
  • Selecting ‘right fit’ talent
  • Creating Brand loyalty

Phase 3 ‘Implementation’

This phase is largely based on the outcomes and ideas which emerge from the first two phases.


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