Board Development

‘Customer Service is like gravity; it needs to flow down from the top of your organisation for it to be most effective.’

At Quest for Excellence we strongly believe that it is only when customer service improvement starts at the very top of an organisation that it can be truly effective.  During our 12 years of operation we have been asked regularly to deliver programmes for ‘our customer service department’ and we always insist that the senior leadership team also participate fully.

Alan Howard StockportOur experience has shown the benefits of getting the leadership team on board with their own culture change programme from Day One, not least in ensuring that any changes we help to bring about are truly sustainable.

A typical engagement will include one to one discussions with the whole of the senior leadership team (using our structured questionnaire process) to ascertain that they all share the same company values, vision and an understanding of the culture – quite often we find that they have different versions of the company culture!

We then prepare and deliver bespoke seminars, to bring the senior leadership team together, focussed on outstanding leadership tools and techniques, leadership communication and leadership feedback.

We are often asked to include coaching and mentoring for senior leaders to ensure that they all have the latest leadership tools available to them.

In developing the longer term strategy we have found it very effective to utilise a ‘reverse SWOT’ which looks at the external issues impacting on the company first (Threats and Opportunities) before then looking at what the company Strengths and Weaknesses are in relation to meeting the treats and taking advantage of the opportunities.  All of this helps to build ‘Traction’ for the culture change programme.


Feedback from our clients:

Anton Littler“Quest for Excellence have been proactively leading our Board development since 2013 showing outstanding commitment, great passion with a really fun and innovative approach.

With over 350 staff at 25 locations we asked QfE to embed customer service excellence in our business starting at Board level. As a family-led Board, we have really benefited from Martin’s depth of experience and expertise as well as from his patience and understanding of the challenges we face.

Martin and his colleagues have done everything we have asked of them and lots more too!  Coaching and mentoring Board Directors; skills development for senior managers and providing bespoke customer service excellence seminars.  Our teams have been inspired to deliver outstanding customer service.

We’ve achieved our strategy of significantly increasing our market share; the company is growing rapidly and we definitely have Martin to thank for this”

Anton Littler, Managing Director of Alan Howard.


Hems de Winter‘‘Martin has been a real asset, chairing our Board Meetings; we've benefited enormously from his insight and business experience. He's guided the development of our business plans, helped us create a new structure for the business and supported team development. 

He has been as inspirational as he has been challenging ... he’s had an enormous impact on our strategic approach and commercial well-being.   The value he's been able to add to our service standards from his relationship with the Disney Institute has been the icing on the cake!”

Hems de Winter, Owner & Managing Director