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A committed, responsible, inspiring leader will develop his/her team through a culture of success,  enabling all members of their team to always provide the very best customer service... thus creating great customer loyalty, so that the organisation can achieve great financial results.

Great ServiceQuest for Excellence  has recognised in truly customer-centric companies that we have worked with - such as Disney, Metro Bank, Timpson and Virgin - that all individuals (regardless of their roles) are encouraged to base their decisions and actions on the belief that what’s best for the customer is best for our business. 

At every level and in all interactions between leaders and staff members this belief is reinforced, thus developing what we call a ‘Culture of Success’

This customer-focussed Culture of Success is as fundamental to business performance as breathing is to living. It is the life force of your business — no matter what your industry sector. Knowing how to measure it, and its impact on performance, is key to your company’s success.

Our research, based on more than 150 businesses spanning various industries and functions, has developed the following questions which every business leader should be asking themselves.  Understanding how these factors affect your business will enable you to drive outstanding customer satisfaction, revenue and profit growth, innovation, and new product success.

Here are some of the things you should be asking yourself about in relation to how well you deliver Customer Service:

  • Do staff members fully understand and buy in to the company’s vision, values, and strategy?
  • Does your company have a deep understanding of its current customers’ needs? When was the last time you asked your customers whether you were simply meeting or exceeding their requirements?
  • Will your company lead the market with new services even before your customers have recognised their own changing needs?
  • Are your employees actively encouraged to signal threats and opportunities observed outside your business?
  • Do you encourage your people to experience working cross-functionally to solve customer problems and deliver better service to customers?

Customer Service Detectives:

  • Does your company monitor, understand, and respond to its competitors’ strengths and weaknesses?
  • Does your company actively consider potential competitors when making decisions about customers?
  • Does your company regularly share best practice experienced by staff outside your business?

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